To write a paper with a strong thesis and good organization.

My career is Business ManagementThe fact that you are currently in college means that, most likely, you are looking toward your future and a career. Do you have a vision? What does that career look like? Are you ready to find out if your vision matches someone else’s reality?Objectives:1. To write a paper which entertains and informs.2. To thoroughly examine and explain a topic that fits the assignment explained below.3. To write a paper with a strong thesis and good organization.4. To concentrate on style, carefully considering the way you say things.5. To use correct English.Audience:Your 101 classmates and instructor.Length:Minimum 3 pages, double spaced. Approximately 1,000 words.Task:Your assignment for paper 2 is to write an informative paper about someone working the field you are currently pursuing. Will you be a nurse? Find a nurse to interview. A business manager? Talk to a business manager working in your area of interest. I highly encourage you to think hard about this assignment and don’t choose someone you know. Choose someone you aspire to. That means you will need to talk to a stranger (and I know that can be intimidating), but you will get more out of the assignment—much more—if your interview is focused on your area of interest.If you aren’t sure what career you will pursue, choose something you are leaning toward, and perhaps this paper will help you make that choice.The paper should have a controlling thesis (“What did you learn about the career/person overall?” is a good place to start), and content should answer the who/what/when/where/why and how discussed in the lecture.The source required for this paper is an interview. Since you have a source, you will also need a bibliography. I will create a separate video “How-To” to help you with the bibliography.Because your source will be considered an expert in the area, you should not compromise credibility by choosing someone you are related to. I know that might seem odd at first, but family members typically aren’t used as sources for academic papers.Finally, this paper must include a graphic. It can be something you create, a logo for the business where the person works, or a photo of your interviewee. It is entirely up to you.