Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Fire

This course requires you tosubmit a term paper as part of your coursework. The topic is of your choosing butmust focus on a current wildlad recreation issue or problem. The paper shouldreflect a significant amount of research on your part, including anunderstanding of the histoy of the problem, its effect on wildland recreationmanagement or policy, and opportunities for a resolution. Paper topics shouldbe clearly related to course content.Originalwork, including original analysisEffectiveapplication of theory to a real world wilderness issueAtleast 5 pages (6 pages maximum) of content (not including references cited) double-spaced paper, 1-inch margin, 12 point Times New Roman font.Your paper should include at least 5scholarly citations.Proof-read,spell checked, well-written, and of publishable quality• Titleof Paper• Abstract(100 words)• Introduction(including history and statement of the problem or topic)• Bodyof the Paper• Listof References – Appropriate literature citations and sources (See referenceexamples on back)