Transgender children

PLEASE USE THE OUTLINE THAT I HAVE PROVIDED TO WRITE PAPER!!!!For the major research project of this course, your assignment will be to write a researched academic essay in which you defend a position on a ciontroversial topic broadly related to the course theme: Coming together in a time of discord. Sources will be cited in MLA style, and the final paper will be 1,000-1,200 words (not counting the list of works cited). You will be required to use at least five sources to support your argument:2 peer-reviewed articles from academic journals from the FTCC library databases (no editorials, commentaries, opinion pieces, literature reviews or book reviews);2 news sources, print or online (article in a newspaper or news magazine, news report from a television or radio network, news report from an online news source such as CNN or MSNBC);1 opinion piece/editorial/commentary (from the mainstream media or the web; author must be identified by name)