Understanding Globalization and the Environment

Dauvergne, P. 2008. Globalization and the Environment. Pp. 371-393. In: J. Ravenhill, ed. Global Political Economy. Oxford University Press, Inc. New York.
Dauvergne (2008) gives an overview of the globalization and environment debate. The fact that globalization is changing the global environment is not up for debate. The question is the quantity and types of impact on the environment and people. He does a fine job of presenting both sides of the debate and discusses many key concepts that we will encounter throughout this course.
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Assignment Instructions:Copy and paste the following questions to create your own file. Each question must be numbered as they are here. Follow each question with your response. Use full sentences or key phrases in your response to each question. Use quotes as needed followed by a proper reference (e.g. Dauvergne 2008). A proper reference section is not needed as we know where this is from Dauvergne (2008).
1. How does Thomas Friedman define globalization? Just quote the first full sentence of his definition.
2. Summarize the view of the globalization optimists.
3. Summarize the view of the globalization pessimists.
4. What are ecological shadows?
5. Give an example of an ecological shadow.
6. Describe the Environmental Kuznet Curve (EKC). What happens to it as time passes?Olszewski
7. Give one argument put forward by the globalization advocates as to the merits of global trade and the role of Transnational Corporations (TNCs).
8. Give one argument in opposition from the critics.
9. What are “environmental regimes?” Name an effective environmental regime.
10. In the broadest terms, what is the relationship between globalization and global environmental change?
11. Considering this article and the first course lecture, overview of environmental issues, what is your opinion of globalization’s impact on the environment and its impact on the direction of the human race?