Unit 4 Forensic Evidence-Case Study

Unit Four-Case Study-Forensic EvidenceCase Study Assignment Unit #4 (Scroll down the page)AssignmentForensic EvidenceIn Unit 3 we studied forensic evidence at the scene. In Unit 4 we looked at the examination of the victim, and the similar collection of physical evidence. For this week’s assignment, compare and contrast the evidence possible to locate at the scene with that possible to recover from the victim and clothing during the medical personnel’s sex assault examination. Be sure to include the concepts of transfer and linkage. You may also discuss what conclusions, legal and otherwise can be drawn.Submit a 2-3 page paper. (1000 word minimum)——————————-Expectations for Assignment Papers:1. Submit a 2-3 page paper. (1000 word minimum)2. Place your name in the upper left of the first page. No cover sheet.3. Use MS Word to save as a .doc or .docx file, if you have this program, if not, submit in .rtf format. Provide a thoughtful analysis to answer the question. Show me that you read all the material and understood it well enough to use it as the focal point of your analysis. Additional research of other sources is acceptable and encouraged.4. Be analytical, not just descriptive. Recitation of factual information alone is insufficient for assignments. Analyze the information, make an informed judgment, and support your analysis with facts. Intellectually reasoned opinions are acceptable when requested. Emotion-based arguments or opinions are unacceptable for assignments. Save the emotion-based opinions for talk shows, letters to the editor, and discussions over adult beverages with like-minded friends (I mean strong coffee of course).5. Paraphrase information and cite appropriately rather than using excessive quotes. Quotes are acceptable, just not excessive use of quotes.6. Cite in text and list references at the end on a separate page. Use The Blue Book style manual for citation method.7. Wikipedia is not an acceptable source for academic papers in this course. I know, the authors of the textbook used it, and that was a failing of the authors that you should not imitate.8. Do not use first person.9. Read the question closely. Answer all elements of the question.10. Do not write vague generalities (often referred to by a crude name). Be specific, and on point with the question.11. Note: It usually takes me one week after the due date to post gradesSubmit your Case Study Assignment Unit 4 Dropbox. The assignment paper is due by 11:59 PM, Saturday