Unit 6 assignment

Use the fifteen articles from the literature review build to write a literature review.

The exhaustive literature review will probably be 7-8 pages in length. It is to be uploaded on Bb as a Word Doc. All papers should be Times New Roman 12 font, double-spaced, APA format, with a title and reference page. You are required to use all 15 empirical scholarly journal articles that were in Part II/literature review build.

The exhaustive literature review will focus on the same research question that was the focus of your literature review build.

The point of an exhaustive literature review is to identify common themes and/or variables in prior research on your question. You’re not the first person to research this question – what have others found? Also, think about evaluating and comparing prior research on your topic, and identify implications and limitations of prior work. Finally, consider what aspects of your research question have not been fully explored yet. e