Video Reflections

use sourses from the video pleasefollow the intructions and please write them in the order that it is
1. Utilizing Interactive Read-Alouds to Support Oral Language DevelopmentReading aloud to children is a critical component of supporting their oral language development. When teachers regularly engage children in interactive read-alouds, including holding conversations before and after book-reading, children have opportunities to practice their oral language skills
2. Engaging Children in Oral Storytelling to Support Oral Language Development“Engaging children in storytelling is an excellent ways to support children’s oral language development. When children tell stories from their own lives or make up stories, they strengthen their confidence and skills. Encouraging children to tell stories gives teachers the opportunity to engage children in conversation, use child-directed speech, and enhance their oral language skills. This video includes interviews with Judith Schickedanz, Vivian Paley, and Theresa Bouley.”
3.The Importance of Pretend PlayPlay has an essential role in children’s learning. In this brief introduction video, Dr. Jeffrey Trawick-Smith of Eastern Connecticut State University discusses the importance of pretend play. This video serves as an introduction to a series of videos showing examples of dramatic play centers being implemented in preschool classroom to support children’s learning and development.
4.Building Vocabulary in the Preschool ClassroomPreschool teacher Maureen Ostroff shares her strategies for enhancing children’s vocabulary throughout the day. This video provides an example of using literature to build vocabulary while, also, engaging with books. Maureen describes reinforcing vocabulary development with environmental print such as story maps and a written definition of unfamiliar words.
INTRUCTIONSBe sure you have watched the videos in the module in their entirety before completing this assignment.Visual LiteracyThinking about the videos on visual literacy and referring to your notesWrite a summary of what you learned from them.Identify the elements of visual literacy in the children’s books read in the videos on the “Some Books to Explore for Preschooler. Discuss each book separately. Provide examples of visual literacy in each book.Literacy ConceptsThinking about the videos on the “Videos on Concepts from Chapter 3, ” identify the concepts/elements in the books that support literacy development. Discuss each book separately.The Importance of Pretend PlayThinking about this video and referring to your notesSummaries the key points.Discuss what you learned. (what surprised you, how could you apply it, how could parents use this information…..)Read-Alouds to Support Oral Language DevelopmentThinking about the videos Engaging Children in Oral Storytelling and Utilizing Interactive Read-Alouds and referring to your notesSummaries the key points.Discuss what you learned. (what surprised you, how could you apply it, how could parents use this information…..)