Visual Communication Essay

( IF THERE ARE MORE WORDS THAN 500 WORDS USED TO COMPLETE THE ASSIGNMENT CORRECTLY, I WILL PAY MORE)EXERCISEFor this exercise, you will create a visual essay describing yourself in pictures. Using your cell phones, each student will make SIX (6) photographs and arrange them in order to communicate the following:(Note: You may also choose images from the internet, but photographs that you create yourself will earn you more points on the assignment)1) 3 images to convey something that makes you happy or which you enjoy2) 3 images to convey something that you dislike, or would change about the world if you had the power to do itFor example, if I were doing the exercise, I might take a photograph of a suitcase, a picture of a sign pointing to the exit to the airport off of a highway, and a photo of flip-flops and a beach ball to convey that I love to travel, particularly to warm, coastal locations.Or, I might take a picture of my car, a photo of road construction, and another of heavy, backed up traffic on a highway to indicate that I dislike driving during rush hour.The pictures can be as direct or indirect as you wish. However, the idea or narrative you are communicating must be clear.
INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO SUBMIT THE ASSIGNMENT1. Download the photos from your camera to your computer2. Open Microsoft Word3. Click on “Columns” (On the Top of Tool Bar) and choose (3) Columns4. Place your pictures from left to right, in the sequence you desire, one in each column. Repeat this on the next page, to lay out your three remaining images5. Insert you images by placing your cursor in your column and going to:Insert > Picture > From File.Make sure your images are large and clear enough (not too pixelated) to see.6. When you are finished with your design, save your document as a PDF and upload it to the assignment submission in Moodle. You can save the document as a PDF by going to:File > Save As > Choose “PDF” in drop-down menu.
Clarity of the photos (or pictures)Images that are too small or unclear/pixelated do not make for strong visual communication. They are the visual equivalents of poor grammar and typos, for example, in written communication. Points will be deducted for unclear, hard-to-see images. (Note: You may also choose images from the internet, but photographs that you take yourself will earn you more points on the assignment)Clarity of narrativeI must be able to understand your likes and dislikes clearly from just the 3 photos and the sequence you create. If the images or connections are too vague, then it is not effective visual communication and points will be deducted accordingly.
Following proper Read through and follow all of the exercise instructions. If you have any questions, contact me before working on the assignment.