WatchingWatch the film Radical Harmonies LINK: TakingAs you watch the film pay attention, not only to

WatchingWatch the film Radical Harmonies  LINK: Note TakingAs you watch the film pay attention, not only to the content of the film, but also how the filmmakers construct their argument. All documentaries take up a particular point of view – that does not make the perspective false, it simply means, that you, as a critical thinker must pay attention to what is being said and how it is being said.   Use the questions below to help you engage fully with the film. Be sure to take notes. It will help if you take note of the time stamps at each point you note evidence. This will help you write an evidence-based response to the prompt.  According to the Radical Harmonies, why is it difficult to define what ‘women’s music’ is? Pay close attention to the difficulties that the women in both Radical Harmonies and in Play Like a Girl found in the following aspects of the music industry and take notes on how they sought to address these challengesPerformance venues Improving musical expertise Recording Promotion Audiences Ways in which gender and sexuality defined who could/could not perform

What sorts of challenges did the women face in building coalitions across difference?   WritingWrite a  THREE to FOUR-page review of the films in response to the following prompt Radical Harmonies is one example of the ways feminists sought to  build alternative spaces and systems for doing things as a way to challenge sexism and patriarchal thinking. Format Requirements: Your paper must include the following sections AND each section must be clearly marked Introduction Identify the film and capture your reader’s interest (I tell students, ‘don’t think of me as your reader, it will tend to lead you to limit your explanations. Write your paper for an interested, intelligent reader who has not read the theories of popular culture that you have read and has not examined Radical Harmonies carefully), state your thesis for the essay.

Theory Use information from the lecture videos to explain the theories of gender and the objectives of feminism. Description In this section describe the plot structure of Radical Harmonies . Consider that documentary filmmakers make a number of decisions about how they will structure their film. What decisions did the filmmakers make in this instance? After reading this section of your paper, your reader (who is not me) should have a clear map of how the film told its story. 

Analysis This is the most important part of your paper. In this section respond to/answer the prompts. Be sure to make direct reference to examples that you have found in the film and video. When referencing examples, be sure to be specific by clearly describing the points at which the examples occur in the ’story’ and/or using the counter at the bottom of the screen.

Conclusion In this section briefly summarize your findings, and, present your evaluation of the film. 

Your paper MUST be compatible with Microsoft Word. Typed, double-spaced,12-point font THREE to FOUR pages Include page numbers at the bottom of the page Use one-inch margins Include a reference list and correctly use APA citation format for all citations (the reference list is not included in the three pages)You do not need a cover page

You MUST save and upload your paper using the following convention Last name First name Radical Harmonies 2021So if Robyn Fenty was in our class her assignment would be saved in the following manner: Fenty Robyn Radical Harmonies  2021

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