week 8 discussion

Scientific evidence is based on observations, but media accounts often rely on inferences, conclusions or interpretations rather than evidence. The purpose of this discussion is for you to use critical thinking skills in evaluating information that is provided by the media.
Part I.  Evaluate the article:  “Drinking wine before bed now officially makes you skinny”  

Week 8 Discussion Article.pdf

Writing in APA style, please answer the following: 
a. What is the major claim made in the article?
b. What evidence does the author present to support the claim?
c. Is the evidence based on observations or inference?
d. Does the author identify the source (scientists) or organizations? Do they include a reference to a peer-reviewed journal? 
e. Is the argument for the claim logical?
f. Does the author rely on emotional or objective statements? Identify specific examples of language used in the article to demonstrate this.
g. Based on the information presented in the article, would you accept or reject the claim either entirely or tentatively?
h. Does it pass the CRAP test? (see attached article)

CRAP test.docx
i. Finally, what are some ways you can go about finding the original source(s) mentioned in the article? 
Through this exercise, you will learn to: 

Identify psychology research in the news.
Critically analyze the presentation of that research (and importantly the RESULTS) in news articles.
Consider the news source, and how the source may influence the manner in which research is presented.
Identify and distinguish between “real” and “fake” news sources

Be sure to also watch the following video on evaluating sources: 
Initial post due Wednesday, responses due Saturday

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