1. Now that you have completed your policy portion of your PPH, please complete the following: (a) make any necessary changes to the previously written policy, including misspellings, grammatical errors, proper numbering system, and incorporate the required policies as mentioned in the previous assignment (re: text message, email, social media etc.) as needed (this is not optional. If there are changes to be made and you do not make them, then points will be deducted); (b) next, design a form or memo (including all of the required information as learned in this class) to be used to collect review comments/responses during the user and management review process; and (c) direct the form to S.R. Jones and M.K. Smith separately to be filled out by each of them, and fill out and execute the form and provide the review comments on their behalf. 2. Create and reference a form applicable to the policy. Specifically, the form should be a form for the employees to fill out when there is a request to temporarily deviate from the company`s policy regarding their use of the company`s electronics. You are not only to create the form, but please also reference the form in your PPH so that the employees understand exactly which form is to be executed. 3. Create a procedure for: (a) reporting potential violations of the company`s electronic use policy(ies) (An example of a procedure can be found on page 55 of the text- Chapter 3, section 7.0) and (b) a request to temporarily deviate from the company policy(ies) (i.e. use of internet for personal use etc.). 4. Finally, create the responsibilities section.