What are some of the Problems experienced with prior installation of a new system?

Are there any problems that may arise with the Information System?Poor system qualityPoor accountability and controlLack of a solid strategyClients and team members’ not being able to keep up with the changeFailing to strategize, meeting organizational needs, hiring and retaining good employees, etc.What are some of the Problems experienced with prior installation of a new system? The design of the system failed to capture essential business requirements and improve organizational performance.What are your problem-solving methods and procedures? We are a small team (only 3 people), so we all take turns to make constant revision on our entries because everything is manual. If we find an error we communicate this and fix it right away. If it is an IT related issue, we contact our IT vendore, PC Force, to take care of this. If it is a problem related to the bookkeeping, we wait until the 15th or the 30th of the month for the bookkeeper to fix it.Although there are dozens of IT solutions and services, how can you choose the appropriate one for your company out of them all? We need to find a balance between something efficient, something that is easy to use among our team, something that is accessible for our clients (as they are mostly Hard-of-hearing), and something that is affordable for the company, as the business runs with a tight budget when it comes to IT.In order to create a solution for companies, how do you collect the information? Through fill out forms. We are currently using Forms from Google.What are the inputs and outputs of the system to establish it? a. How do you begin building your conceptual design for a system from the beginning?Understanding what the main goal of the company is and what is their target market.We are in the CART captioning business, which focuses on the deaf and hard-of-hearing community.We need a system that allows the company to streamline the booking process and it is accessible to people with disabilities.A system that is easy to use and flexible to keep up with changes.What piece of data are you collecting in terms of system needs or technical knowledge?The software and hardware that the company is already using.The accessibility guidelines and protocols when developing a website.The number of people that will manage the system internally and the use they will make of it.The amount of data that the company is planning to store in this system and how many users should have access to it.In what ways do you determine whether or not a project has been successful? I think this question is not for the company, but for the team itself. A project is successful when:When a project meets the company requirements and needs without generating additional costs, but reducing them instead.When is cost-effectiveWhen you can manage your time more efficiently with itWhen your profit increasesWhere do you get the information on your operational performance? The company doesn’t have a way of knowing this other than their own perception of its functionality or through their customers’ experience.