What are the available labor options in Canada?

-Suppose you are representing a consulting company specialized in construction managementsolutions. Your company is hired by the Government for construction-related advice.Help your client to identify the best labor strategy for a newly planned student housing complex.The client would like to know the following specific information in your report.-1)What are the available labor options in Canada? How these labor options evolved withtime?-2)What are the pros and cons of each labor option to the owner? Provide some historical(published) evidence to support identified pros and cons.-3)What option is most beneficial for construction workers? Support your points withpublished literature-4)What option is most preferable for the contractor? Support your points with publishedliterature.-5)The University of Windsor is an equal opportunity employer and strongly believes inwin-win solutions. Based on your findings above, what option/s will you recommend tothe client?-Please provide plagiarism check