What are the exceptions to privilege and confidentiality?

Crisis InterventionChapter 2 AssignmentInstructions: Read respective chapters to support your responses. The chapter assignment will be graded with a participation grade. You are required to share your response(s) with the class (PARTICIPATION). There is a 10% participation grade included with the chapter assignment. Respond / answer each question in paragraph format. Use paragraphs (introduction,paragraph(s) and a conclusion). Do not use 2-5 sentences as your responses. Do not use bulletpoints. Use and open a MS Word document (Google Docs – activate the “share” button). Use APA format; in-text citations, cite sources and include a reference page. Proofread for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and capitalization (will be graded). You may use chapter(s), textbook or other sources to assist and support your responses (citeyour sources, etc.). Be ready to present and share your responses with the class. Submit the assignment before the due date. Late submissions will result in a 10% penalty.READ CHAPTER 2.1. What are ethics and why is it important?2. Why is there a need for ethics?3. Explain, countertransference.4. Why is confidentiality important for counseling?5. When can a counselor breach confidentiality?6. What is meant by privileged communication?7. Explain dual relationships.8. What are the exceptions to privilege and confidentiality?9. What are the three elements to informed consent?10. Explain the purpose of the Child Abuse Reporting Act.