What are the strengths of each ethnic family system ?

a. Select two ethnic family system Euro american and African American , What are the strengths of each ethnic family system ? Describe some critical issues the two family systems face.b. What is the future of the family? What issues do you think will most significantly affect family life? Why?c. What is one way that a christian family can help cange the world.d. Examine your own family system given this nrw information.


What is symbolic about Elisa’s chrysanthemums in “The Chrysanthemums;” how about the dreadfully yellow colored wallpaper in “The Yellow Wallpaper?”

Pick 2 documents or speeches from class and compare and contrast them. The documents and speeches are The Declaration of Independence, The Preamble to the United States, The Bill of Rights, “I Have a Dream” Martin Luther King, Jr., “Gettysburg Address” Abraham Lincoln, “Old Soldiers Never Die”-General Douglas MacArthur, or “Duty, Honor, Country”-General Douglas MacArthur.

Read Krauthammer, CharlesUsing the essay, write your own essay (typed) on the main point of the article and your understanding of the issue. Only the body of the paper counts in the page total – header information, references, etc. do not count.


Post and briefly define the two dimensions or values you selected. Next, describe and discuss examples of how these two dimensions or values are expressed in the two cultures you selected. In your explanation, make sure to explain how socialization, social roles, social cognition, and social behavior are influenced by culture.

Characters do what they do because of their various motivations and desires. Often, their desires conflict with their ethical or moral responsibilities.

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