What challenges have you faced as a learner?

Instructions: Please answer the following questions, considering your own personal learning style. Only typed work is accepted for credit, using APA format. No abstract is necessary. Please provide an in-text citation for any sources you use and include a reference page. Your paper should be minimum of 300 words but no longer than two pages.
1) Describe your learning style
2) What challenges have you faced as a learner? How do you think these challenges will affect your approach to patient education?
3) What factors affect learning, either positively or negatively?
4) Discuss how to best identify unique learning needs as you prepare to educate a patient. What assessments are key? What facotrs may be most challenging when providing education in the hospital setting?
5) What are effective ways to assess patient learning and understanding of teaching?
6) Give an example of either a positive or negative experience regarding patient education in nursing that you have observed either in personal experience or clinical practice