What classifies as substance abuse

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1 day agoKristin RobertsLiterature Review – Substance AbuseCOLLAPSELiterature Review – Substance Abuse
I had thought about doing this literature review on various topics from abuse (victim related), mentality of perpetrators who indulge in abusive behaviors, or homelessness but ultimately decided on substance abuse. While I enjoy reading about topics I am not familiar with, I chose substance abuse because I thought it would be refreshing to review literature on a topic that I deal with on a daily basis in addition to expanding on what I already know thus far.
When I initially started going to school for mental health I had a rough idea of what I wanted to do but also wanted to let my experiences along the way guide me to where I should be. Becoming a substance abuse counselor sort of fell into my lap but has been an eye opening experience as I was like many with a view similar to those who misunderstand substance abuse. After having experience in the field I understand it so much better and am thankful I have been placed where I am.
Substance abuse is a close personal topic for me as my brother has suffered from addiction for the past 13 years, but has been in recovery for around 2 years now and has show significant improvement. He has been a significant reason why I do everything I can each day for my own clients as well as other clients at the treatment center. He, and others, who suffer from addiction are part of the reason I choose to expand my knowledge on a topic in which I am already familiar.
Topic: Effectiveness of different treatment modalities in relation to substance abuse (opioid use disorder)
** Research Question: What are the most effective treatment modalities for substance abuse
Topics to be covered:– What classifies as substance abuse– causes of substance abuse– negative effects of substance abuse– demographics of individuals suffering from substance abuse– various treatment modalities/ intervention methods– inpatient vs outpatient– MAT vs 12 step– MAT – different meds used and suspected (ibogaine)– detox vs cold turkey– different treatment for different substance abuse, i.e. opiates vs alcohol– comorbidities and its affect on recovery– core principles needed in recovery– building a long lasting recovery – maintenance*Summarize – what treatment modalities are most effective for recovery in relation to substance abuse.
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Charity Organization Society Versus Settlement HouseCOLLAPSEContemplating which charity organization societies or settlement houses would best meet the needs of the LGBT community was interesting. Although there are similarities each one provides a different purpose, but both are necessary. Charity organization societies are instrumental in raising funds for helping the distressed or inequality of individuals. On the other hand, the settlement houses are about directly educating and advocating for the poor or underprivileged in the community. Stern and Axinn (2017) reported that charity organizations were more about raising capital and observing while settlement houses were providing everyday services. Advancement in the rights of the LGBT community or any grass-roots project needing change must have activists for evoking a shift in inequality. For this reason, the settlement house would be the best choice to make a difference in the rights of the LGBT communities.JimmyReferencesStern, M. J., & Axinn, J. (2017). Social Welfare (9th Edition). Pearson Education (US). https://capella.vitalsource.com/books/9780134292960