What conventions or expectations do you have when you look at “good art”?

Choose to answer both (two (2) of the critical thinking questions listed below for 10 possible points for each question.Your response should be one (1) complete page total in length (not per question), typed in a word document using Times New Roman 12 point font, double-spaced, and uploaded as a file to Canvas.Also, your paper should include three (3) or more key terms from your chapter glossary. These terms must be in bold print, highlighted or underlined or points will be deducted.Use the Titles (numbered 1 and 2 below in BOLD print) as the Heading for each of your two responses.Total possible points: 20Due: Sunday, September 12, 2021 11:59 PM CSTRespond to both of the following two prompts:1. The ancient Egyptians used a code of conventions or expectations – a canon – for what they considered “good art”.What cultural values of Egypt did this canon portray?What conventions or expectations do you have when you look at “good art”?Does society still agree on conventions or expectations today?What do you think it reveals about our contemporary society?2. Animals are used as symbols and subjects in art, mythology and literature in every culture.How do you see the “Bull” as a symbol in the ancient world?Give specific examples of how the Bull is portrayed from at least three different cultures we have studied so far.Please describe and/or upload images as examples.Where exactly (give specific examples) do you see the bull as a symbol in contemporary society?