What diagnosis do you believe may apply to this individual?

A24-year-old female presents to your office stating that she is troubled byheadaches and fatigue. She says that she always feels tired and can’tsleep well, often waking up early if she gets to sleep at all. Shedescribes her headaches as dull, aching, and generalized. These symptomsbegan about three weeks ago and have been getting worse. She reports alack of interest in her usual activities, even the ones that she used toenjoy. She also reports that she is missing work due to fatigue andinability to concentrate. Although both her children are in school, she isconcerned that she is “losing them”. She is worried that she might have“something bad” because she has difficulty concentrating and is havingfrequent crying spells. She reports a loss of appetite, with a weight lossof 10 pounds in the last month.The patient has no significant past medical or psychiatrichistory and takes no regular medications. However, she takes ibuprofen forheadaches. She denies using alcohol or drugs. The patient is married, with twoelementary school-age children.
Whatdiagnosis do you believe may apply to this individual?Whatclassifications of medications can be used to treat this disorder? Whichmedication do you recommend and why?