What did you discover after checking out the TABS3 videos?

Week 4 – TABS3 DiscussionNo unread replies.11 reply.TABS3 is a cloud-based legal practice management solution for small to large law firms. The software allows law firms to trackimportant deadlines, manage cases and documents and bill and collect from clients.
The time tracking feature helps users manage tasks for the day, week or month and track billable time directly. The practicedashboard displays billable hour targets and goals and how well users are progressing against them. Accounting and billingcapabilities let clients access information via email and a secure client portal. TABS3 allows lawyers to receive payment to either aclient’s trust or operating account.
Users can assign tasks from specific issues to any member of their team, and tasks can be linked to specific issues. Task reporting provides data and analysis into team progress and productivity. TABS3 is designed to be accessible with mobile and desktopdevices and offers iOS and Android apps.
What did you discover after checking out the TABS3 videos? Your discussion should include what features you like and don’t like. Mention if you have ever used another case management software. If you have never used a CMS, does TABS3 seem similar to any other platform you have used? Please comment on at least one other classmate’s post.