What do you look for at a supplier’s facility?

Let’s say you are working at the company in the purchasing department as a supply chain professional. There is this one supplier that is not performing to your company’s standard. The supplier has been producing very poor quality products, delivery is always late and they have a very high turnover rate. Every time you ask for improvements over the phone, the customer support of this supplier gives you an “attitude”. One day, your boss asks you to visit this supplier and check why these issues are happening. At this time, you can’t re-source this supplier.You can pick the supplier’s product (You can pick any products-raw materials, fasteners, injection molding, etc.) Initial post (more than 300 words) 2 replies to your classmates)1. How do you communicate with your supplier?2. What do you look for at a supplier’s facility?3. How to fix the issue?4. How many improvements did this supplier implement? What are the suggestions you can make to the supplier? (List the example)