What do you think Canada may learn from their countries

You are to give specific examples of how we may learn from immigrants in which domains, which practices, why this would work. What problem would this address. How it works in their country, how it works here, why learning from that that specific practice would be a good idea
think about the differences between Canada and those countries and tell me what you think Canada may learn from them
what do they bring to Canada?
what do you think Canada may learn from their countries
For instance, the largest immigrant group in Canada is Ukrainians
What can Canada learn from these people and Ukraine
Ex: Telecom is very much affordable in Ukraine and not in CanadaThe price for top speed internet in Ukraine is under 5dollarsin Canada it is 60+12 times higherwhy?
what effects it has on the economy?Can Canada learn from Ukraine on how to make it cheaper since Internet and telecom is one of the drivers of the economy, etcLook at Indians, ChineseEthnic businesses, etcThere is a lot you may write aboutjust try staying away from an easy path of copying stuff from other resourcesthis is an essay and not a report in a sense that I am expecting your own analysis and thoughts