What do you think is the significance of Allen’s monologue about wearing a scarf versus a wig after she has lost her hair to chemotherapy?

Each question should be at least 150 words.Discussion Question 1:Prepare for your discussions by reading Frank, Alecson, Broyard, and Kananithi. Listen to Allen on The Moth and watch stand-up comedians Linden and Bodden. This activity aligns with module outcomes 1, 2, and 3.Anatole Broyard in his article “Intoxicated by my Illness” writes, “When you learn that your life is threatened, you can turn toward this knowledge or away from it. I turned toward it.” Later he writes, “I understood that living itself had a deadline.” Would he have come to this understanding that “living itself had a deadline” if he had chosen to turn away from the knowledge that his life was threatened? Please explain.Humor is often a funny way to bring out some dark truths. Some dark truths that we have been exploring throughout this course have included the reality that we get ill, suffer, grow old, and have to depend on professionals and institutions when we are the most vulnerable. Public displays of our being sick or in treatment make us vulnerable. What do you think is the significance of Allen’s monologue about wearing a scarf versus a wig after she has lost her hair to chemotherapy? What are the dark truths that Linden and Bodden joke about?
Discussion Question 2:Please watch a film of your choice that deals with illness or disease. Apply the concepts and theories from this class, especially the concepts from this module to your film. Although you can choose one of your own, we recommend that you watch one of the following films from the movie list Download movie list: The Doctor, The Fault in our Stars, My Life, One True Thing, Me Earl and the Dying Girl, Miss You Already, 50/50. At this time, Wit (Links to an external site.)is free online. This activity aligns with module outcomes 1, 2 and 3.If you decide to view Wit (Links to an external site.), please consider the following questions as you write your response:One of the ironic aspects of Vivian’s story is that her attending physician, Dr. Posner, a young man, was once her student. Vivian’s graduate training, that led to her teaching position, focused on the grammatical details and execution of poetry and literature to the expense of the artistic message – the actual humanity expressed by works of literature. Dr. Posner is fascinated by the disease and treatment of cancer, but knows little about how to give genuine care. Please explain the irony of this situation in more detail and depth: how does his behavior toward her, his patient, reflect Vivian’s attitude toward her students when she was a professor? What didn’t Vivian teach or know that Dr. Posner is missing as her physician? In contrast there is the nurse, Susan Monchan. She didn’t receive an education like Dr. Posner, but what life skills or lessons did she possess that he didn’t?
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