What does a particular type of music say about the culture?

If you would like to see the grading rubric please let me know. I apologize for the long intructions, this professor is a real pain. He also says to avoid common mistakes and “Logical Fallacies” as well. I can also send you his examples for those if you wish. 4 pages does not include the works cited page.
Essay ExpectationsPhilosophy Essay Expectations:At its core (for our purposes), a philosophical essay will be a more sophisticated argumentative essay. You’ll be expected to choose a topic of interest for you and then give a persuasive argument on its behalf.After presenting a series of “pro” arguments for your particular position, you’ll then offer counter arguments. What would an opponent say about the topic and position? Make sure to give well-developed arguments for the opposition. One of the things I’ll be looking for is how well you addressed the counter arguments.After you develop the counter arguments, you will then provide “counter” counter-arguments. How does the position you’ve argued for respond to the counter arguments of an opponent? Why is your position still the better position? A good philosophical argument can respond to intellectual attacks from a differing position and provide reasonable answers.Make sure to include citations for any information you provide. This is one of the key elements. Any time that you make a claim, especially if there are statistics, there needs to be evidence in order to support it, and that evidence needs to be cited properly.Philosophy Essay General Outline:Question:What is the philosophical question? Why is it important (Why is it interesting)?Choose a topic that is interesting to you. Philosophy is interesting in that it can be applied to almost any topic or idea. What is something that you find interesting, what’s a philosophical question that can be applied to your interests?Note: this can include sports, music, art, television, social media, smart phonesWhat does a particular type of music say about the culture?How does social media affect our views of privacy?Why do certain forms of art appear during specific cultural timeframes or phenomena?Ex: what does the appearance of Rick and Morty say about the current American culture?Position:Choose a position related to your topic and then argue for itNote: You do not have to agree with the position you are arguing. In fact, it is often better if you disagree with the position you are arguing for, because you will learn the arguments more thoroughly.