What does the mise-en-scène (acting, setting, lighting, costumes and makeup) convey about the characters/world of the narrative and how?

5pp (analysis essay)25 pointsYour task for this assignment is to:Demonstrate your knowledge of the stylistic elements of film formIdentify these elements in a brief sequence from one of three designated filmsApply these concepts and techniques in terms of their overall impact on a film at the level of text ad subtextAnalysis Essay (4-5 pages)This is the point where you are going to draw everything we’ve been talking about in class together for an application. Using the information gained from your shot breakdown (if you’ve chosen to draft one), construct an argument for how these techniques, applied together to this specific scene in this specific part of the narrative, create particular effects and meanings in the film. You will likely have to refer to more of the scene than the designated shot-by-shot sequence for this part of the assignment.After writing an introduction (always write an introduction), situate the scene within the context of the entire film. What is the central question? What’s the point of this scene, where is it situated in the plot, and what information does it give us about the overall narrative and the goals and personalities of its characters? Then explain why you think these specific techniques were used at this particular time. Here are some sample questions you may want to ask yourself.How do the cinematography and editing complement the narrative?How and with whom do they encourage us identify?What does it make us feel about them and why?What does the mise-en-scène (acting, setting, lighting, costumes and makeup) convey about the characters/world of the narrative and how?Does the director break any rules of classical Hollywood cinema? If so, what and why?How is sound used expressively to emphasize specific aspects of the narrative?Finally, you must make an argument about the relationship between the scene and the film’s thematic subtext. What does the film say, deliberately or otherwise? How do the patterns established in this scene and the film as a whole corresponds with this subtext? This is both the most important and likely most challenging part of the project. Though it may not emerge for you until you have begun writing, it should provide your main argument and function as the organizing principle for the final draft of your paper. In particular, it should guide your decisions about which details to include and focus on in your analysis and which to diminish or exclude entirely.For this project you may analyze one of the following sequences (click the titles for streaming links for the films themselves; the described scenes are linked after each description):Psycho (Alfred Hitchcock, 1960) – The shower scene. From the first shot where a figure can be seen coming through the door (47:25) through the shot of her eye and face after she’s dead (49:27). (LINK)The Graduate (Mike Nichols, 1967) – The nude scene. From shot with Mrs. Robinson’s line “Benjamin?” as she asks him to bring her purse up (15:26) to the shot of Ben jumping into and driving off in his car (21:17). (LINK)Taxi Driver (Martin Scorsese, 1976) – The concluding shootout. From the first shot of Travis in the hallway (1:39:40) through the body falling in the room at Iris’s feet with Iris framed in the window. (1:40:51). (LINK)INBOX ME ASKING FOR LOGIN INFO FOR THE LINKS