What duty does a doctor owe a patient? I.E. What is negligence? List and define the four elements. Use the library to identify a peer reviewed article that helps you answer this question.

Juan is a promising basketball player that shows exceptional skills. He is offered a scholarship to play Division I ball at State University. He is very excited for the opportunity, as he sees this as his ticket to fame and fortune. Sometimes when he plays ball he has a hard time catching his breath and has chest pain, but he attributes that to late night parties. He resolves to get more sleep and party less with his friends. Juan doesn’t mention this to anyone and has managed to pass the medical tests required for all athletes to play at State. The team plays very well and by January they are expected to win their conference and qualify for March Madness. After a monster triple double game Juan tells his coach that he had times on the court where he cannot catch his breath and feels dizzy. The coach tells him initially to rehydrate and get a good night’s sleep. The next day at practice Juan feels better but asks to see the team doctor, assuming that the coach spoke to him but he hadn’t. The team doctor is employed by the university and the associated hospital, The coach sees the doctor with Juan and at that point he tells the doc to “do the works to make sure Juan is good to go to play tomorrow.” This was overheard by Juan’s girlfriend Laura. The doctor does a quick examination on Juan. He notices that Juan’s heartbeat is erratic and draws some blood for some tests. Although he asked for the tests to be completed as soon as possible he doesn’t follow up with State’s hospital center, which is adjacent to campus. He doesn’t do any other tests. He hospital lab subsequently misfiles the blood as a standard order and does not complete the tests for two days. The day after meeting with the doctor Juan’s extended family drives up to watch him play. During warmups for the game, Juan suffers a cardiovascular event and collapses on the court. Juan’s mother sees it happen and also requires emergency medical attention.Directions: Use the Annotated Bibliography Template to submit at least three articles that you will use in your final paper. At a minimum, there should be one article to address each of the questions given below. NOTE: you may change which articles you selected in the previous assignment (the outline) if you feel you have found something better. However, you must use the required article given to you to use to address the first question.What is the responsibility of medical doctors in screening student athletes? You are required to use the article identified in the PDF attached (called “A Legal Perspective on Athlete Screening and Qualification” ”) as a reference to address this question. You may also use other sources. It is located on the Learning and Assessment page.What duty does a doctor owe a patient? I.E. What is negligence? List and define the four elements. Use the library to identify a peer reviewed article that helps you answer this question.Is the hospital (the employer of the doctor) liable? Use the library to identify a peer reviewed article that helps you answer this question.Writing Expectations: Your submission will use the Annotated Bibliography Template and will meet the length requirements described therein. Proper referencing, grammar and spelling is expected. Legal writing is impartial and supported by law. Avoid first person and be sure to support every position with law, policy or ethics.Successful completion of this activity will help you; describe the rights and responsibilities of employees in health care settings, explain the importance and significance of a professional code of ethics, and explain professional obligations of caregivers to patients.
Source 1: “A legal perspective on athlete screening and disqualification”Source 2: negligence pdfSource 3: “doctrine of corporate liability”


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