What evidence is lacking, inconclusive, contradictory or too limited?

Your 2-page write-up must begin with the statement of your research topic.– Utilize at least five research articles for this assignment. Your literature review is not supposed to be just a summary ofother people’s work. DO NOT copy & paste the summary of your articles.Avoid discussing each article one by one in a sequence without synthesizing them.Your write-up should have:A clear and informative title: Come up with a clear and informative title of your research project. – 1 point penalty.Clearly stated topic (1 pt): Begin with the statement of your research topic laying out your research question(s).Approximately one to two paragraphs.Relevant & comprehensive review (2 pts each): In your literature review, address questions below.What does the field already know about this topic?Is there an agreement in the field? What are the existing theories?Do the studies that you have reviewed agree or disagree with each other?Can you explain the inconsistencies? Do they share any weaknesses?What evidence is lacking, inconclusive, contradictory or too limited?What views need to be (further) tested? Why do we have to further examine the research question(s)?Synthesis and overall quality: clear & easy to understand (2 pts): Provide synthesis, not a summary of articles. Your literature review should be a critical look at the existing research that is significant to your project. Evaluate what has already been done, show the relationships among different works, and show how it relates to your research topic.Reference page: Provide your references in APA style. Maximum -2 pts penalty.Penalty: Incorrect reference style (-1pt) or lacking citation (max – 3 pts).Note that the goal of this literature review now is NOT to summarize the research questions, theory, or methods of thesearticles, but rather use that information (and your thorough understanding of these articles at this point) to answer/addressthe Specific bullet points listed above so that you can situate your research questions/hypotheses within the larger body ofthis literature.