What exactly do you plan to examine in your dissertation study?

I have an assignment of my dissertation draft I already have the draft but need to add and fix it and include feedback from my chair.
I have no idea how many pages I already have the draft I just need revision and add some information as per feedback from the chair791531Nov 4, 6:19 PMI hope that this email finds you well! I finally had the opportunity to read through your preliminary outline for your dissertation. I think it is a critical and interesting subject area to investigate. As an overall general note, the topic as written up in the outline seems rather broad and general. I would advise “tightening up” the focus of your dissertation proposal. A few remarks to help you going forward.
First, there are numerous grammatical errors in the paper, which make it difficult to ascertain what point(s) you are trying to make. It is obvious that you are passionate about what you are studying and that you know a little bit about the topic of interest, but key elements (e.g., your research question(s), hypotheses) are not clearly conveyed or developed. This is partially due to grammatical and formatting errors in your writing. In addition, there are errors in citations and/or limited citations to support your writing. I do understand that you are in the early stages of this process and that this is a preliminary outline, but greater care needs to be taken in the presentation of your information and the structuring of your outline going forward.
Second, I see a (very brief) summary of existing theories and research that you use to inform your dissertation topic, but I cannot pinpoint your research question(s). I understand, based on the title of your outline, that you wish to examine the impact of the juvenile justice system on African American adolescents, however, this is not reflected in the outline submitted. What exactly do you plan to examine in your dissertation study? The juvenile justice system has a major impact on the lives of youth that pass through it in many different areas. What aspect do you plan to examine specifically? How does your chosen topic differ from the research that has already been conducted? I call this the “so what?” component. Why should we care about your study and why is it important? In what way does your study contribute to our knowledge base? How does the existing research and theoretical information mentioned in your outline “naturally” give rise to your research question(s)?
Third, what do you anticipate or predict you will find, based on the theoretical and empirical information guiding your research study? That is, what are your hypotheses? Your research question(s) and hypotheses will guide the literature review and methodology sections of your dissertation. Until these critical elements are clearly identified and spelled out with the appropriate supporting citations, you lack a roadmap for the dissertation. It will also be too large in scope and unwieldy!
you have not identified an actual problem. You need to include percentages, and scholarly sources, and not theories.