What features of qualitative research are the most appealing to you?

Qualitative Research: Introductions, Who Am I As A Researcher Read Savin-Baden & Howell Major, Chapters 1, 4, 5, 21 assigned chapters for this week, and develop a 3-4 paragraph posting that discusses the following. Please be sure to use and cite our text as appropriate: I have given a short response to some questions in bold, please explain a little more. Chapter 1: Qualitative Research What kinds of questions can qualitative research address? What are some of its important features? What features of qualitative research are the most appealing to you? I am interested in uncovering black male discipline experiences and how those experiences shape their outlook on school and education. Which are the least appealing? Not sure Why? What are some important differences between qualitative and quantitative research? What does it mean to say that all research is inherently subjective? Chapter 4: Philosophical Stance What is a philosophical stance? Why is it important in qualitative research? Chapter 5: Personal Stance, Positionality and Reflexivity What is the difference between personal stance and positionality? What is the difference between stance and bias? Why is it important to talk about personal stance, bias, positionality, etc.? How do you self-identify in terms of race and/or ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, ability, age, etc.? black male. Are there other social categories that you think are important to who you are, and who you will be as a researcher? No How do these factors influence how you see the world and view research? How do they impact your research interests? I want to provide a voice to address the ongoing perception about black males in school. Can you think of an example where a lack of reflexivity negatively impacted research? This can be something you`ve read about, or an historical example. Chapter 21: Ethics and Ethical Approval I usually say that getting IRB approval is the lowest bar we work with when conducing qualitative research. What do ethics mean in qualitative research, on top of what is required for IRB? How might your research topic and/or theoretical orientation affect the kinds of ethics you employ in your research? Preceptions of Black Male Discipline Experiences What questions do you have about IRB at the University? Make some up. If you have experience with IRB here, what are some tips you have for your classmates? don`t have any