What is a SWOT analysis?

Complete the LinkedIn Learning course Project Management Foundations.Complete the LinkedIn Learning course Project Management Foundations:Teams.Review the Project Management Institute website for more information on the profession of project management and certifications.Investigate more about the field of project management.Read Schwalbe, An Introduction to Project Management, chapter 1. Pay particular attention to what makes a good project, constraints, and tools and techniques, and frameworks. These are introductions to project management that you will revisit in-depth during the course. However, it is important to learn about them now so you can choose a viable project for the term.Choosing the ProjectRead Chapter 2 of Schwalbe, “Project, Program and Portfolio Selection.” Focus on the various methods of project selection (SWOT, 4-step, balanced scorecard, weighted scorecard, financials).What is a SWOT analysis? Use the internet to search for a company’s SWOT analysis that they could use to decide on what project or projects the company needs. Use the guidelines in the chapter to help you analyze the SWOT.Upload the LinkedIn Learning certificates for the 2 courses you completed.Propose an idea for a fictional project that you would like to do throughout this course. The planning deliverables you will create throughout this term will leverage this project.