What is essential is discuss how the literary devices reveal a theme in the piece of literature you chose.

please look at my original essay novel and revise it I will put in the professor’s instruction and also her feedback and what needs to change and add. on the attachment will be my original essay and also the feed back of the professor.only use the library database at broward college for your citation here is the linkhttps://www.broward.edu/library/
instruction :
remember to review thematerials from Unit 1, specifically How to Analyze Novels and Short Stories, This is aresearch essay which asks you to analyze a novel or other piece ofliterature we read in this class and create meaning for it. Payattention to themes, symbols, plot, and other literary devices so that you canmake your ultimate argument for meaning in your novel. If you write aboutpoetry, review the information in Unit 1 about analyzing poetry verycarefully. Also, consider the different literary theories and how youmight employ those strategies in creating your analysis. Once youreviewed all theories, you need to choose one critical approach and apply it toyour interpretation of Lewis Carroll’s novel. These are the theoretical“templates” you may use in your analysis of the literary work: New Criticism(or Close Reading); Reader-Response Criticism; New Historicism; Feminist &Gender Studies; Racial, Ethnic and Cultural Identity Studies. (Students, in terms of applying literary theory in thispaper, I am making that part optional). Focus on a thorough analysis of yourshort story, poem, or Alice. What is essential is discuss how the literarydevices reveal a theme in the piece of literature you chose.Research and Format RequirementsFor this assignment,besides the novel which will be your primary source (the topic of your essay),you must use at least 4 secondary sources that meet the standardsof “legitimate academic texts.” This will require you to do libraryresearch (use the BC academic databases) as this requirement willexclude much of what you might find on the general internet. It is expected that you will incorporate quotes andideas from these sources fluidly within the context of your own analysis. Keep in mind that this is NOT a report. You are aliterary scholar, and you are making an argument about the meaning of the novelor a part of the novel.This paper must be typed,double spaced, with a Times New Roman 12 or Arial 11 font. This paper must beat least 4 pages in length, 4-6 complete pages plusthe works cited page. Ifyou do not meet the minimum length requirement, you will not earn a passinggrade on the paper.The submission mustfollow all MLA style guidelines, including formatting, in-text citations, andworks cited entries. Any plagiarism onthis paper or any of the steps in the writing process will lead to your failingthis assignment with 0 points, so please make sure you are familiar with theMLA citation style. Please see the MLA Paper Sample (with sources) for guidance.