What is the connection between threats and relationships in the local communities?

Discussion: Global ThreatsNuclear war! Terrorism! Hunger epidemics! Disease epidemics, including AIDS! These are examples of the complex minefield of threats faced by the nations of the world. Impacts were felt on environmental, political, military, and economic levels. Alliances were hard-won and easily forgotten as the world braced itself for the dawn of a new century. As alliances changed, so did the threats that went hand-in-hand with those international relationships. Decades later, the world continues to feel the effects of this era.In this Discussion, you will evaluate threats faced by the world and their lasting effects today.To prepare for this Discussion:Review the Gilbert, Moss, and Martinez readings as well as all articles from this week’s Learning Resources.Reflect upon the types of threats that people faced in the 20th century.Call to mind the groups and/or nations that pose physical threats to others. How were they a threat? Why?Draw from this week’s readings and reflect upon the unlikely alliances that were created and if they were formed under duress or necessity.Consider the correlation between threats to certain nations and international relationships. What is the connection between threats and relationships in the local communities?Think about how the world is still feeling the effects of the threats of this era.With these thoughts in mind:By Day 3Post by Day 3 an analysis (3–4 paragraphs) of the major challenges nations across the world faced at the end of the 20th century. Pay close attention to the extent to which events between 1945-2000 shaped issues related to human rights and freedom (politically, socially, economically, etc).Be sure to support your ideas by properly citing at least one of week’s Learning Resources, in APA format, within your initial post. As this is a post-first discussion board, you will not be able to see the work of your peers until you have posted the initial discussion requirement for the week.Read a selection of your colleagues’ postings.