What Is The Critic’s Main Point In Their Article?

Working With The Assigned Signet Edition Of Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus, And [Pick One Only] Either The Sewell, Hunter, Or The Dunn Article In The Back Of The Book, Explore The Following In Essay Form:What Is The Critic’s Main Point In Their Article? Discuss How They Go About Supporting That Point With Specifics From The Text. Also, Bring In Your Response To The Play And Evidence From The Text That Either Supports The Critic’s Major Observations Or Argues Against It.** Tip: Avoid Organizing Your Paper According To The Order In The Previous Paragraphs. Be Inventive And Logical In Your Presentation. It Is A Good Idea To Have Your Paper’s Sections “Speak To Each Other” In A Few Paragraph.**Note: On The Works Cited Sheet Cite Marlowe As The Play’s Author And Add A Citation Showing The Critic As Author And The Name Of The Article, And Format That According To Mla Guidelines. Including Where The Information About Where The Article Was First Published. That Information Appears On The Bottom Of The First Page Of Each Article.