What is the meaning of DHS being designated by the President as the lead federal agency to respond to Russia-related impacts on the United States related to the current Russia-Ukraine crisis?

What is the meaning of DHS being designated by the President as the lead federal agency to respond to Russia-related impacts on the United States related to the current Russia-Ukraine crisis?*******************
Forum Activity: Please present an outline of your Methodology section for your research project.
One important component of your reach paper is your Methodology section, which comes right after your Introduction and right before the body of your paper. This allows you to tell the reader how you are going to conduct the investigation you just introduced to them before presenting the results of your research in the body of your paper.
We are using this week’s forum as an opportunity for you to practice writing your methodology and share it with your peers to get some feedback on it.
A legitimate Methodology section should address the five specific areas – Statement of Purpose; Research Approach; Variables; Measurements, and Hypothesis, and it should be one paragraph in length.
Please use the following format for this post:
Statement of purpose and specific research question being addressed: For example: The purpose of this research is to investigate the topic of…to answer the following Research Question:…
Research Approach – type of research approach and data being used: identify and explain
Variables – identified (DV and IVs) and defined (as necessary): identify and explain
Measurements – how will you measure each of your IVs: identify and explain
What You Expect to find: your hypothesis
Provide at least one reference that you used to develop your Methodology (it can be to the assigned reading and/or the lesson material).
In your two peer responses, please let each of your peers know if you can follow the logic of their methodology.
For example: I understand your Statement of Purpose, Research Approach, and Variables, but I don’t quite understand how you intend to measure your IVs. Also, I am not quite sure how your hypothesis provides a direct answer to your RQ.
It is also okay to let your peer know that you can follow the logic of their methodology quite easily, which is also quite valuable feedback. For example: I understand how your Statement of Purpose, Research Approach, Variables, and Hypothesis are connected and relate to one another.
Your feedback will let your peers know how effective and logical their proposed methodology is to outsiders. Your critique should be substantive in nature and designed to improve your classmates’ methodology and help them refine in further.
Instructions: Fully utilize the materials that have been provided to you in order to support your response.
Your initial post must address each aspect of the format I have provided (there is no required word count), and to earn more points should include at least one direct reference to the assigned reading and a complete citation for it at the bottom of your post.Please respond to at least two other students. Peer responses must be of sufficient length to provide feedback that is substantive (i.e., more than simply “Great job!”) and constructive (i.e., specific, relevant, and intended to help improve) (around 100 words is a good guide). The goal is to provide your peers with feedback that is specific and helpful.Feel free to provide a response to my query, but it is not required for you to do so. You will, however, earn more points for responding to my query.
Forum posts are graded on timeliness, relevance, knowledge of the weekly readings, and the quality of original ideas. While proper APA is not required, attribution to sources that informed your posting should be included. Refer to the grading rubric for additional details concerning grading criteria.