What is the public health implication of TV advertisements on elementary school-age children’s consumption (eating) behaviors?

Title: The impact of TV advertisements on elementary school children’s consumption (eating)behaviors.P=School age children with unhealthy consumption (eating) behaviorsI-School Nutrition education intervention programsC=Community nutrition programs for school aged childrenO= Nutritional consumption behavior change. Decrease the amount of TV viewing andexcessive TV ads/commercials that are aimed at children. As it greatly influence what theychoose to eat which can contribute to obesity.Research Question(s): What is the public health implication of TV advertisements onelementary school-age children’s consumption (eating) behaviors?
Formulate Questions:The P I C O Format• Once the important relationships have been identified, these relationships need to be expressed as focusedquestions. Focused questions in the evidence analysis process generally include the following elements:• (P) Population with a specificproblem• (I) Intervention, procedure, or approach (for example,the type, amount, or timing of Medical NutritionTherapy)• (C) Comparison intervention (other approaches to care)• (O) Outcome of interest• Incorporating these four elements is referred to as the “PICO” format.