What is the purpose of writing in academic form?

This week we will explore this genre’s structure, conventions, strengths, and limitations. The academic essay genre is often used by instructors to assess a student’s ability to find, explain, and draw conclusions using credible evidence, sometimes about debatable issues. However, the genre has some limitations. People don’t generally communicate with each other this way outside of school. However, depending on your future coursework, you may be expected to write in this form, so it’s important for you to be familiar with an academic essay.
Review the Sample Paper before responding to the discussion questions. Use this resource as a refresher about academic essay structure and thesis.Due ThursdayRespond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:What is the purpose of writing in academic form? Who is the intended audience?Have you used academic writing? How does the sample paper compare to past essays you’ve written or read?What are the strengths of a 5-paragraph essay? What are its limitations?How does this genre compare to other forms of writing in your everyday life?