What is the rationale for the selected approach to self-assessment?

The evaluation form I use is the lls reports to be somewhat similar6 pages double spaceRubricBackgroundThe report is briefly introduced with a recap of what the performance task was about and an advance organizer describing what it will cover. The report clearly identifies the type of assessment conducted for this task.A description of what the task is about.A brief recap of the local context featuring a mini profile of your professional background (or the cooperative teacher’s).Make sure to provide a background and rationale for your selection and produce a brief summary of background understanding addressing the following questions:What should be the emphasis of professional practice in CTE?What is the rationale for the selected approach to self-assessment?What are the major components or steps of the selected approach to self-assessment?Frame of ReferenceThe report provides a coherent summary of the frame of reference informing this task. For example, the report clearly provides a frame of reference about the supervisory assessment of individual practice (role and emphasis of supervisory practice). Questions are properly addressed.What is the rationale for the selected approach to self-assessment?What is the emphasis of the chosen evaluation in the professional practice in CTE?What are the major components or steps of the selected approach to self-assessment?
Professional or program profileThe report provides a brief recap of the application context featuring a mini profile of the professional serving as the basis for the assessment (or the cooperative teacher’s).
Assessment ResultsThe report provides a clear and coherent synthesis of the results of the self-assessment of professional practice . You may organize the results around your assessment rubric reflecting the selected approach for this task.
ConclusionsThe report provides a coherent recap of major conclusions based on the results of your self-evaluation application. That is, it addresses the questions based on your rubric and related ratings of evidence meeting different criteria: What are the strengths and weaknesses (areas in need of improvement) regarding professional practice? If you were a supervisor, what would be the recommendations for the improvement of professional practice or program quality?
Use of APA and FormatThe report includes citations for each reading/resource consulted in the completion of the report, including a list of those resources, using format guidelines by the Publication Manual (7th ed.) of the American Psychological Association (APA). Sections are clearly identified using appropriate headings/subheadings.
ReadabilityThe report is clearly organized and reflects your “own voice.” It shows there is a logical flow in the expression of major points. The report is free of grammatical errors and types, and in general the narrative is easy to follow.
The book we have been usingEffective Supervision: Supporting the Art and Science of Teachingby Robert J. Marzano