What is the title of the project overall?

Carefully read the file Term Project.Term Project ProposalPrepare and submit a term project proposal. Turn it in to your instructor using the Blackboard Communication Tools menu, Discussion Board: Term Project Proposal forum.Start a new thread.You can discuss your project ideas with the instructor by email. Grading Criteria1. A project proposal submitted in Blackboard discussion board ‘Term Project Proposal’ forum.2. Projects are individual projects3. The proposal must answer the following questions:o What is the title of the project overall?o What are the sub-page titles?o What coherent message or story will your project deliver?o A significant application of the technical elements and skills from the courseassignments will be required. List some of the technical elements and skills youwould expect to use in the proposed project.o How will you utilize a previous assignment to create a custom site feature?4. Make sure to type your proposal directly into the message field (do not attach a file)