What is wonderful about the molecule DNA?

The editor of the peer-reviewed journal “Science” (One of the most prestigious scientific journals in the world) wrote a piece lamenting science education in the US. He claimed we are NOT preparing our science students for success in the science field and he specifically uses how we teach DNA as an example. He said we are doing it all wrong. He claims we spend so much time making our students memorize the A’s, G’s, C’s, and T’s that we do not allow our students to understand the beauty of the molecule itself. He claims we destroy any curiosity or wonder about DNA by driving specific facts into the heads of our students.
Watch this video and discuss the following:
Answer the following questions:How are you going to help build wonder about DNA (and science) in your classroom when you are given lesson plans on what to do each day by the district?
What is wonderful about the molecule DNA?
What two opposing ideas does the molecule solve? To put it in perspective, the two opposing ideas are so different that it would be like creating a molecule that allows far right-wing conservatives and far left-wing progressives to both get what they want. Which is absolutely amazing.
Discuss what you find beautiful about this molecule.