What kind of disruptions do you typically have in a given school day and how do you handle those?

1. What is something that college did not prepare you for or what was a surprise for you when you started teaching? Making parents phone calls2. How much time do you spend planning lessons? 3 days to a week3. Are there subjects that are scripted or already have plans made out?Explain. You have to come up with the lessons4. How much do you get to alter the lessons and use your own creativity? Create new lesson5. How do you plan for differentiated instruction? By getting peer reading6. How often do you plan with peers? Twice a wee7. How do you group students for instruction? random8. What is your favorite subject to teach and why? Science it is relatable9. What is your least favorite subject and what steps do you take to make sure the lessons are good even though it is not your favorite? Social studies, creating relatable instruction10. What kind of disruptions do you typically have in a given school day and how do you handle those? Student misconduct, elect11. What classroom procedures do you use for students? How and when do you teach those?12.What sort of discipline plan do you use?13.How do you handle parent volunteers in the classroom?14.How do you use paraprofessionals (if applicable ) in the classroom15.What system do you have in place for collecting work, scoring it and returning it?16.What procedures do you have in place to teach students independence?17.What systems (s) do you have in place to communicate with parents and how often do you communicate?18.How are parent conferences scheduled in your school?19.How do you use technology in your classroom?20.What is your system for storing lesson plans, ideas for teaching, etc.?21.What have been some positive and negative results of Covid-19 on your teaching?22.How do you think the pandemic has changed the way teachers teach and what long lasting implications do you think it will have?23.What presents the biggest challenge for you in your job?24.What do you love most about your job?25. If you had it to do over again, would you still be a teacher? Whatsurprised you about the teacher’s answers to the questions in the interview?How has this interview affected your desire/goal to be a teacher? Please explain.