What or who is being celebrated in your speech? What do you need to know about the person or situation?

Write a commemorative speech is to celebrate a college graduation.For thisspeech, you are welcome to be creative.You shouldpay careful attention to the use of language and make a point of using many language structures anddevices throughout your speech.As you prepare your speech, you need to consider several questions:1. What type of commemorative speech do you plan to give? You may choose to give a eulogy, atoast, present an award, receive an award, or give a graduation address.2. What or who is being celebrated in your speech? What do you need to know about the person or situation?3. What is the situation or context in which this speech is being given? How can you adapt yourspeech to fit the expectations of the context? What are the emotions that are expected in thissituation?4. Who is in your audience? How can you adapt your speech to fit your audience’s expectations?5. What do you need to do to let you audience determine the situation/context/event withoutexplicitly telling them what it is?Organizing your speech:Since commemorative speeches have a much more fluid structure and organization than informative orpersuasive speeches, your speech does not need to have obvious transitions and main points. However,each type of commemorative speech has a set of expectations for how the speech will be structured andwhat will happen in the speech. Your speech should meet the expectations for the particular type ofcommemorative speech that you have selected. For example, if you are giving a wedding toast, you needto remember to ask everyone to raise their glasses and toast the couple at the end of your speech. If youare receiving an award, you should begin by thanking the person or organization that gave you theaward.Language:Commemorative speeches rely heavily on the use of language structures and devices to help heightenthe importance and emotion of the situation. You should use at least 5 different language structuresor devices in your speech. Please highlight and label the language structures and devices that you usein your final outline so that you instructor can easily see which figures of speech you intended to use.