What other mental health professionals can assist emergency personnel?

Critical Incident Stress ManagementLaw enforcement is considered to be one of the most high-stress careers. The constant exposure to horrific scenes of death, tragedy, and human suffering may result in debilitating and, ultimately, life-threatening psychological illnesses. By using critical incident stress management (CISM), a technique of emotional first aid, peer-support officers can achieve results equal to, or better than, many mental-health professionals. CISM can also be used for other emergency personnel. Other than peer-support officers, what other mental health professionals can assist emergency personnel? Review professional literature and any other professional sources and analyze to determine whether CISM is the best solution for long-and short-term mental health related issues for emergency personnel. Your response should be at least 2-3 pages long. You need to cite your sources in the APA format.


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Do you think family presence during resuscitation should continue during a
pandemic, please provide specific reasons supported with current nursing literature.

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