What specific events in the story helped you develop these responses?

Deacon King Kong By James McBrideWhat: Written Paper or Presentation (e.g., PowerPoint where you record your screen, FlipGrid, etc.)Length: Written paper would be 3 – 4 pages double spaced; presentation 3 to 5 minutes – both need to have a clear introduction, answer the following questions and offer a conclusions with final thoughts about the novel.Due Date: Tuesday, November 23rd by 11:59pmRequirements: Your paper will focus on answering two questions:What is the author’s important message?Explain how this text transformed you as a reader.You must support your responses with evidence from the text. What specific events in the story helped you develop these responses? Do not just add in a quote – you must tie in the evidence so it helps support your reasoning and thoughts.To help you work through these questions a bit, here is how you can approach them and begin thinking about your response.What is the author’s important message?A message is usually something the author wants the reader to learn or take away from the story but is often not written explicitly. There is no right or wrong “message.”Explain how this text transformed you as a reader.Transforming requires the addition of your own personal thoughts, ideas and connections. Thus, these novels can cause different transformation for different people. Remember, we will all react and respond to texts differently. This response should come from the connections you made with the text and how you saw the story/stories unfold.Asking yourself these two questions can help you begin to see the transformative process: What did this novel do for you as a reader? What are you still thinking about after finishing the book?