What specifically is the content of the Executive Branch decision regarding the handling of illegal immigration from Mexico?

Thomas Dyeoffers a simple definition of public policy: “Whatever governments choose to door not to do.” Thus public policy reflects actions governments undertake inorder to achieve their goals.
This definitionof public policy offers no judgment on whether the policy is fashionedcarefully or whimsically. It simply states that governments take action toachieve results and this constitutes their public policy.
Clearly,effective governments desire to carry out policies in a deliberative,non-haphazard fashion. Before they take action, they need to understand theunderlying facts. They need to grasp fully environmental forces that will colorthe actions they take, as well as environmental players that will be affectedby the actions. Finally, they need to enumerate alternative courses of actionavailable to them and to single out those that would best serve theirinterests.
Public policydecisions can be contentious, because they may create winners and losers, orthey may go against the cherished values of a portion of the population. In2019, one of the most contentious public policy issues Americans have faced inyears was the Executive Branch policy on immigration, which included demandsthat a wall be built to restrict illegal immigration from Mexico, as well as todeport illegal immigrants, and to hold illegal immigrants in detention(including children) as their cases are being processed.
At its heart, what were the basic public policy issuesthe Executive Branch faced in regard to the matter of deporting illegalaliens?
What specifically is the content of the ExecutiveBranch decision regarding the handling of illegal immigration from Mexico?
What rationale did the Executive Branch use to justifyits decision?
What were the principal points made by opponents ofthis decision?
Critics of the Executive Branch efforts to stopillegal immigration believe that the decision and actions undertaken werepolitically motivated. What is the basis of their argument?
Identify three ways this issue might be resolved inthe long-run.