What the aviation report requires the intended audience to do (i.e. make a decision).

You are employed as the route planner for a small Queensland domestic airline – Gumtree Aviation (a hypothetical airline for the purposes of this assignment). You have been asked by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to consider a request to add a new route to the airline’s domestic destinations. You will need to present your decision in an Aviation Report, for consideration by Gumtree Aviation’s Board of Directors.Your aviation report should address the viability of the new destination (see below for your assigned destination), including infrastructure at the new destination, Gumtree Airline’s resources (e.g., aircraft, staffing, etc.) and recommend a frequency/days of the week or month/times for flying that route. If desired, you may also choose to recommend an alternative route from the listed destination options only after you have assessed the viability of the route that you have been assigned and determined it is not viable.As a guide, your findings should consider issues such as:Runway suitability for aircraft type (length, type, etc,)Terminal facilities for the service being proposedFuel cost and burn, including route plan (which will necessitate a decision as to which aircraft will be utilised)Staffing, including pilot planningProposed profit margins, including likely uptake at the proposed destination based on population, size of the area being serviced, etc.
Gumtree Aviation is a small Queensland domestic airline that originated at Maroochydore on the Queensland Sunshine Coast.The airline has a fleet of 5 aircraft:Beechcraft Bonanza;Cessna 310Cessna CaravanCessna Citation IIFairchild Metro.Pilot staffing is currently 10, with all pilots rated on only one aircraft type. There are also 10 corporate staff.Destination is from Maroochydore to ChildersContext: Why the aviation report is being preparedPurpose: What the aviation report requires the intended audience to do (i.e. make a decision)Findings: What information you have found; how you have assessed the information; how you have formulated your opinion? Reference citations must be used (and therefore a reference list included at the end)Summary: Your findings as they relate to the purpose in a few sentencesBoard Decision Options: What are the option/s that the Board needs to consider and vote onReference List (APA7 formatted)The assignment is 2000 words (+ or – 10%). Title Page, Figures, Tables and Reference List do not contribute to the word count.As per the advice from the Library in the Week 8 tutorial, if you decide to include an Executive Summary (not required for this Board Report assignment) it would not contribute to the word count.Formatting should be double line spacing with a header/footer that includes running head, student name and page numbers.