What was the research question they were trying to answer?

You will write 2 papers (First paper is 2 pages the other paper is 1.5 pages)For each paper, choose a PEER REVIEWED article of interest to you, summarize the article and relate it to one concept from our course textbook including citations as needed and a references section. Below are questions to answer for each paper.I added below some powerpoints that you can find an article about and it must relate to one of the topics below,Psychology related.MUST BE APA AND USE PEER REVIEWED SOURCESQuestions to answerWhat were the researchers interested in?What was the research question they were trying to answer?Who were the participants?How was the research conducted? (Describe what the researcher(s) did)Which research method was used? (Natural observation, correlation, experimental, etc.)What did the researchers find? (Results and conclusions)How does this research relate to the concept from the textbook?I suggest that each question should have its own paragraph to fully answer each question.