What were the study’s main findings?

Read the article titled: Violence as a public health problem: An ecological study of 169 countriesAfter you read the article, answer the following questions in complete sentences (unless where indicated/it says list). Try your best to paraphrase the article rather than directly quoting.Why was a correlational study conducted? Provide 1 to 2 sentence justification.Correlational studies examine exposure-outcome pairs. Which characteristics examined were considered exposures? Which characteristics examined were considered outcomes? List exposures and outcomes.What country-level data sources were used? List data sources.How were data analyzed? Identify the statistical technique performed.What were the study’s main findings? Summarize main takeaways about low, middle, and high-income countries. I am interested in the association between the exposures and outcomes examined. You do not need to include statistics.Based on the study’s findings, describe 1 action public health professionals should take in order to address the global health burden of violence. Provide 2 to 3 sentence description.