What you hope to discover, better understand or prove is clear.

Mini-Literature Review.Introduction and Literature ReviewStudent check listTeacher evaluationYour introductory paragraph is clear and concise and establishes the needs reason for the research project you will be doing. It sets the framework for the literature review that follows.The questions you are asking or conditions/situations/phenomena you are exploring are explicit. What you hope to discover, better understand or prove is clear.You’ve included at least five articles in your mini literature review.The relationship of every article you mention to your research project is clear.The findings and opinions of every article you mention, and how they align or differ from one another, is explained.You have a concluding paragraph that connects the literature review to your own project.Your name, the date, and a title for your project are listed on the top of your manuscriptWriting Style and formattingYour writing style is fluid. Your sentences make sense and follow logically from one another. You have kept direct quotes short and to a minimum and paraphrased wherever possible.You have used APA format correctly both within the text and for your references at the end of your mini literature review.You have no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.Total:YouNov 14, 6:00 PMSubject/Rules:Classroom Manegement-Peer Reviewed Research Articles must include articles that are actual studies done with students in the USA!!