Which variables are the independent variables?

Give the student the opportunity to collect and analyze data from their job or elsewhere toinvestigate something of interest.As noted above, the sole objective of this module is to give the student the opportunity to use Multiplelinear regression (MLR) to investigate something that the student finds interesting. This documentoutlines the project and how it will be graded.The student is required to collect some data and have their own idea of a topic to investigate. Thisincludes the following:1. Think of a topic or relationship between two quantitative variables that you find interesting andwant to explore.2. Collect some data (you should have at least 30 observations on each variable).1Identify therelationship to be explored. Which variable is the dependent variable? Which variables are theindependent variables? Explain why and how they are related.3. Input this data into Excel4. Analyze the data using MLR.5. Interpret your results and scrutinize them for reasonableness.It is suggested that the student merely uses this project as an addition to the student project from theprevious student project module. Therefore, all the student needs to do is to collect (if she hasn’talready) at least one more independent variable and update the analysis.Be sure to submit your analysis in Microsoft Word using the supplied analysis template.