Why community health managers should understand epidemiology.

Title: Roles and Responsibilities of a Community Health Manager40-50 pages, APA format, double spacePaper: You have been hired as a community health manger by a community health management board and asked to assess the community need for health requirements and develop a community health management plan. your first job is to understand community health, community health issues and activities, regulatory agencies involved in community health, socioeconomic status and racial and ethnic disparities, health promotion programs, maternal, infant and child health issues, misuse and abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs and scope of injuries in US health economy.include:what do you understand by community health?what are usual community health activities?which are the community health agencies in US?Why community health managers should understand epidemiology.what health promotion programs could be adopted in US communities?why is the need for school health? what is coordinated school health program? and what are foundations of school health programs and iisues facing school health programs?what issue need attention of community health manger for maternal, infant an child health?why is it important for community health mangers to be aware of different health concerns of various age groups in US and what are the main health issues of these groups?what are the health services provided to older adults in most communities?describe socioeconomic status and racial and ethnic disparities in health in U.S.explain the impact of diverse population in US as it relate to community health efforts.describe approaches that provide treatment and ongoing support to people with mental disorders.describe government and non government efforts to prevent and control the misuse and abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.distinguish between different kinds of healthcare population based public health medical practice,longterm practice, and end of life practice as it relates to community health.explain the evironmental hazards that affect community health and the role EPA plays in their monitoring and control?describe the scope and importance of injuries as a health economic issues in US communities and measures that can prevent or minimize them.